I can find this information on Google or YouTube?

Although doing a google or online search is convenient, the internet isn't a foolproof

source of research information. Web pages can be created by anyone, which means it

can be difficult to determine if the source is reliable. CarSmarts101 instructions are

easy to follow unlike most online sources. Our product is a one-stop-shop for car

maintenance information.

“I’m a woman. Can I do this”?

Yes you can. We have made this information user friendly. We actually made the
manual and DVD with you in mind.

“My spouse, boyfriend, relative takes care of my car for me”.

That may be true. However, their may come a time when their help is not available and
immediate action is required. That’s where CarSmarts101 becomes invaluable.

“My car dealer or auto mechanic takes care of my car for me”.

Again, that may be true. However, what if they are not immediately available or their
schedule is full or you money is funny? Calling Emergency Road Service. OK but how
long does it take for them to get to you? FOREVER!

“I don’t have time to learn how to do that stuff”

We agree that it may take a few minutes of your life to educate yourself with our
information but it only takes one time of use for you to realize that your time was well

spend. Once you get hit with a large repair bill and realize it could have been prevented
using our information, you’ll be kicking yourself while shelling out the Benjamin’s.

“This is for older folks”. 

Yes this is. Most seasoned drivers have a good driving record but, unless they are a
mechanic, they have not been taught car maintenance skills. Cars, back in the days,
were fairly simple to work on. That is not the case today. CarSmarts101 helps bridge
that gap.

“This is for younger folks”.

Yes this is. Most younger drivers were never taught proper car maintenance or
advanced driving skills while taking Drivers-Ed in school or by private instructors. That’s
why we consider ourselves “Drivers-Ed Part 2”.


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