CarSmarts101 is a DVD and manual for the novice car owner who doesn’t understand basic car maintenance or steps to take during vehicle breakdown. The CarSmarts101 program educates the driver on these points while also helping to improve driver safety. The manual contains over 95 pages of information including full-color photos that demonstrate what’s being taught in each chapter. And our more-than-one hour full-color HD-DVD shows the viewer, hands-on, how to perform many automotive tasks step by step. Our DVD narrator is a seasoned certified mechanic. Our manual is spiral bound and sized to fit into your glove box. Additionally, at the end of each chapter is a blank page for you to record the information of your personal vehicle. We are corporate sponsors of the IHSCDEA, (Illinois High School & College Drivers Education Association.) and our program takes over where your Driver’s Ed course left off. This product is a great investment in driver safety for you or those you love. For your convenience, we offer a hard copy manual with DVD or a downloadable manual which includes viewing of the video online 24/7.

We truly appreciate the support we have received over the years from our loyal customers. However, on many occasions, we encounter customers who, with a little preventative know-how, could have avoided an expensive repair bill. So, management and staff felt it was time to give back some of the knowledge we have been blessed with through our training and years of experience. As part of that service, we have created CarSmarts101. It is a program that gives an understanding of basic car maintenance while providing safe driving tips for everyone! We ask that you make this program available to all your customers from the retail side, as a reward for completing drivers training or as a simple thank you gift. This would no doubt create a boost in your business and establish good customer relationships.